Tuesday, December 15, 2009


大孩子,你今日得到的是你的福報。爸爸媽媽很高兴也很安慰。要惜福要感恩。别自大 ,切記呀! 爸爸妈妈祝福你一路平平安安步步高升。祝福你,孩子 !

Thursday, March 12, 2009

孩子,你没令自己失望 !

SPM成绩出来了, Surprise !证明你是棒的!这么好的成绩,是你应该得到的,是你付出的努力所结的果.
爸爸接到你的电话,一边听着你高兴的第一项科目報告,我放心了.就是这种笑声, 爸爸所等的就这种笑声!哈哈 !孩子,爸爸妈妈真的好高兴。

Friday, January 23, 2009

生日快乐 ! 孩子。

孩子,新的一年,妈妈的生日之后,就到你生日了!今年21岁了。成年了,爸爸妈妈祝你生日快乐 ! 人生路途上顺顺利利,平平安安 ,健健康康 ,快快乐乐 ! 爸爸妈妈爱你 !哥哥弟弟一样爱你 ! 孩子,我们在你身旁 ! 祝福你 !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Boy boy , 这几天爸爸看到你好辛苦,好累!是不?孩子,考试 ! 尽力就好! 随缘吧!

Friday, November 14, 2008


孩子,上中学了,努力吧! 还要一样吗?你能!一定能更棒!爸爸知道,你能更出色!一定能!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cheers ! I can voice up now ! ha ha ha !

Dearest My Prince & my Princess ! This is my first time writting blogg. I m so grateful to see your from a little boy & girl become a great & wonderful prince & princess.
Baba love you so much ! you all my `bintang '.
Big boy , baba so happy you had graduated & continue pursue for MBA . Son , I always said in my heart i am so sorry , i let you missed out a lot on your childhood .Son , you are so great ! I so proud of you .
My girl , what baba can say to you ! you are my` palm pearl',the only princess in my life .Girl, you have your own thinking now ,baba not to say you anymore ,this can not that can not! i & mama seeing you day after day . My girl , you are so cheerful !
Yang yang boy , my heart blessing you ! You can ! You can ! baba believe you can ! Be calm , don`t worry ! baba mama at your side ! baba every day & night blessing you ! I know you now in the exam hall , baba also at the exam hall too , sit beside you ! Boy , SPM is importance , BUT ,for baba you are more importance . Take care ! believe yourself ! you can ! baba bleesing you !
Wang wang B B Boy ,from baby ,now you have completed your primary school education . Tomorrow your UPSR result will be announce, how you feel ? what you are expected ? B b , what you had planted that what you get ! you ,one day & one day growing up . your mind ,your feeling & your thinking started changing ! Son, think positively ,be a good boy ! few months later you will go to secondary school , you have to start prepare & ready to chase your next future ! B b , ready & go go go ! baba & mama backing you ! you are superstar ! baba know !